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Entry #4

Cant stop the techno!

2008-09-18 11:57:39 by PinkPistol620

It's true I've been resorting mostly to techno music. I'm thinking of changing my style a bit just in case.

Also, I'm going to update more often. It seems I have more time on my hands thanks to a whooping cold. If you have any suggestions here are the styles I can make:


I love to hear what you think, so please review on my work!


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2008-11-06 20:34:14

Techno, i've heard yours and i'm just not feeling like it... no pun intended. Emo, nah not really you. I heard some ambient stuff of yours and it is pretty good so thats a fine option. I honestly have not heard your hip hop so if you don't like the other options, go ahead. I havn't heard your classical either but i've had a sudden need for it ever since i started listening to meastrorage so thats also a fine option. One more thing i might add... wth is axel?

PinkPistol620 responds:

Character from Kingdom Hearts 2 :3 Im addicted to video games


2008-11-11 02:17:51

techno meh like


2008-11-16 19:39:39

OMG VIDEO GAMES!!! YAY someone else is like me!!! Sadly i never got my hands on a copy of kingdom hearts 1 or two :(.

PinkPistol620 responds:

Well my brother (older) is a total nerd :3 so it rubs off. He starts to rant about Final Fantasy. I become interested. I ask. He explains all that shit to me.
I go into game store w/ him. He snatches a game off the shelf and mutters about where he will build a shrine for it. I sneak on and play it, become addicted, then tell him.

You should totally get a copy. My personal fav is KH 2 but thats only because it has Axel in it :3. KH 1 is actually harder than the sequel most of the time, too.


2008-12-02 10:00:41

Im uploading soem more techno stuff so you can listen to some if you want


2009-02-05 19:44:21

Are you still alive?

PinkPistol620 responds:


Im more onto other sites, and Im not in the constantly musical mood I used to be in ._.


2009-02-15 22:22:43

It's nice to see people trying out different genres of songs. I like that.

Good luck.