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Cant stop the techno!

2008-09-18 11:57:39 by PinkPistol620

It's true I've been resorting mostly to techno music. I'm thinking of changing my style a bit just in case.

Also, I'm going to update more often. It seems I have more time on my hands thanks to a whooping cold. If you have any suggestions here are the styles I can make:


I love to hear what you think, so please review on my work!

A collection mix

2008-09-05 07:56:29 by PinkPistol620

My next song is sci fi, with a beat like Danti's theme, titled Mayday. My special thanks for that song are my dad, his comp, and newgrounds for approving my work.

After that I hope to make a mix of several things. It depends on if I make more songs and remember what I used. There is also the chance that it turns out crappy and I cant use it.

School is hell. Homework is hell. My computer is hell. Weather is hell, but its all good!

I am also considering the idea of an asian theme. It may be based off another one of my characters but it all depends. If it works, however, then my next objective would be to make a foresty song. I'm trying to stretch my boundaries so I'm not all one thing.

Hoping to respond soon!

Its Alive!!

2008-09-01 20:31:00 by PinkPistol620

Fantastic news all my pretty much right now non existent fans! (I hope that'll change but Idk) I have successfully entered my theme of Danti the video character (Danti's Theme) onto newgrounds. The Bad news? They have to approve it. But its all good cause the last time I checked there was nothing against the rules about it. I think...

After a few hours of watching my dad hit dead ends I was also able to scan the pic of Danti that I drew (I'm such a fabulous artist :D)

I hope to upload more music soon!

Its Alive!!

My new account :D

2008-09-01 16:13:24 by PinkPistol620

I'm a simple gal who loves a good flash or audio and yes, I'm an Axel fangirl. Deal With It!!

I might enter some audio creations of mind depending on if it works or not, but my best peace so far is a theme for a game character for one of my brother's games. If that's successfully loaded, It'll be called Danti's Theme. I might even be able to upload a pic I drew of the character, but it all depends. Anywho... see ya round newgrounds!! :D